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257 S Spring St and Douglas Lofts: A Comprehensive Guide to a Thriving Real Estate Market

Hey there, fellow real estate enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to introduce you to the captivating world of 257 S Spring St and the fabulous Douglas Lofts. Get ready to embark on a journey through a real estate gem that’ll leave you awestruck.

Douglas Lofts 257 S Spring St Los Angeles Ca 90012

Nestled in a vibrant neighborhood, 257 S Spring St and the Douglas Lofts hold a special place in the heart of the city. With its prime location, this enchanting property offers a perfect blend of convenience, style, and comfort.

From trendy boutiques to delightful eateries, this area has it all, making it a highly sought-after destination for both residents and investors.

Nearby Attractions and Landmarks

But why is this real estate market so significant? Well, let me tell you—this area is a thriving hub of opportunities. It combines the charm of historic architecture with modern urban living, creating a unique ambiance that’s hard to resist. Whether you’re looking for a trendy loft or a chic apartment, this neighborhood has an abundance of options to cater to various lifestyles and preferences.

So, fasten your seatbelts and join me as we delve deeper into the magic of 257 S Spring St Los Angeles Ca 90012  and the Douglas Lofts. Trust me; you’re in for an exciting and unforgettable real estate experience!

Douglas Lofts Report and Listing 257 S Spring St

DTLA Market Report

Available Open Houses

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Douglas Lofts Build Information 257 S Spring St

Building Type: Mid Rise

Ownership: Condo

Neighborhood: Downtown Los Angeles

  • Year Built: 1899
  • Converted: 2005
  • Floors: 5
  • Units: 50

Amenities Offered to Residents:

Exposed Interior Brick Walls in Units

Curved Windows in Corner United

Waterworks Bathrooms *

* In Some Units

Washer and Dryer Hookups

Exposed Interior Brick Walls

Central A/C & Heat

Heigh Ceilings *

Original, Restored Double Hung Windows

Kitchens ~ Poggen Pohl *

Great Views *

Hardwood and Historic Tile Flooring

7 Two-level Penthouse Units

Building Amenities

Gated Park for Pets

Card/Code Access

24 Hour Security

Garage Parking



Pet Friendly: Yes

Mills Act: Yes

HOA: Yes

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