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Welcome to 1155 S Grand Ave: Where Location Makes All the Difference

Hello, fellow real estate enthusiasts, and a warm welcome to you all! I’m absolutely thrilled to guide you through an exceptional gem in the heart of Los Angeles – 1155 S Grand Ave.

Ever heard the saying, “location, location, location”? In our world, it’s not just a mantra, it’s a lifestyle. Just imagine, sipping your morning coffee while gazing out at the captivating skyline, or enjoying an evening stroll to your favorite local hotspot. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

The secret to this kind of blissful living is in the address. Now, why is location such a big deal in real estate? Well, folks, it’s the fine line between a good investment and a great one. An ideal location like 1155 S Grand Ave, EVO Building can add immense value to your property.

It’s like the avocado on your toast – everything is just better with it! Keep this mantra in your mind, and remember, a property might age, but a prime location like 1155 S Grand Ave Los Angeles Ca 90015 will always stay timeless.

Now, ready to explore this extraordinary place together? Let’s dive into EVO Building!

EVO Building   Report and Listing

1155 S Grand Ave

DTLA Market Report

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EVO Building       Build Information
1155 S Grand Ave

Building Type: Hi Rise

Ownership: Condo

Neighborhood: Downtown Los Angeles

  • Year Built: 2008
  • Floors: 23
  • Units: 311
  • Height: 263 Ft

Amenities Offered to Residents:

Hardwood floors *

Rich wood cabinetry *

* In Some Units

Designer sink, tub and fixtures *

W/D Connections

Caesarstone countertops and backsplash *

Slate tile flooring

Walk-in closets *

Outdoor balconies or terraces *

Bosch stainless steel oven, dishwasher and cooktop *

Building Amenities

6th floor terrace which includes spa and pool

Two-Forty private resident lounge

Fitness center

LEED certified

24 hour courtesy patrol

Environmentally responsible design and construction

Gated Parking

Bicycle storage facilities

Shared green space with neighboring sister building

Pet Friendly: Yes

Mills Act: No

HOA: Yes

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Find Your Urban Retreat in Los Angeles with Craig Thomas

Unleash the magic of Los Angeles by finding your ideal home with the expertise of Craig Thomas. With his deep knowledge of the city’s neighborhoods and an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction,

Craig will guide you to discover a home that captures the essence of this vibrant city. From Mediterranean-style estates in Bel Air to contemporary lofts in the Arts District,

Craig Thomas will be your trusted partner in finding a home that embodies the enchantment and allure of Los Angeles.

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