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The Ultimate Guide to Moving With Pets

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Article Moving With Pets

Moving House With A Pet

You’re thrilled to embark on this new journey in your new home or apartment, and rightfully so!

However, it’s important to remember that you’re not making this move alone. The process of “Moving With Pets” can introduce unexpected stress and anxiety for your furry or feathered family members. They don’t comprehend why they’re being uprooted from their familiar surroundings. From their perspective, they’ve been moved from a known and comfortable environment (Place A) to an entirely new and unfamiliar setting.

It’s a confusing transition, to say the least!

Figuring out the best approach for Moving With Pets doesn’t have to be a challenging task. Below, you’ll find practical advice and strategies to make the transition easier for your beloved pets.

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Moving to Los Angeles with pets comes with its own set of unique considerations, alongside the typical attractions that draw people to the city. Whether you’re enticed by the allure of Hollywood or looking to dive into LA’s rich cultural tapestry, doing it with your furry friends adds an extra layer to the experience. The bustling job market and opportunities in fields from entertainment to tech are not just beneficial for you, but they also often include pet-friendly workplaces. Not to mention, the city’s inviting climate, picturesque beaches, and expansive outdoor spaces offer an idyllic setting for both humans and pets to enjoy an active and adventurous lifestyle.

Moving Cats To A New Home

When it comes to Moving With Pets, cats present a unique set of challenges. They’re creatures of habit who thrive in familiar environments, and any alteration to their routine can make them uneasy. If you’re planning a move, it falls on you to make this experience as seamless as possible to reduce any potential anxiety your feline companion may feel during the transition to a new home.

First on the Moving With Pets checklist: acquaint your cat with the moving boxes. Cats are innately curious creatures, and some interactive playtime with the boxes can alleviate their worries. Consider hiding toys or placing them close to the boxes. This not only distracts them but also helps them grow accustomed to new smells and changes in their environment.

Continuity is key when Moving With Pets, especially with cats. Try to keep their routine as intact as possible both before and during the move. This includes regular feeding, playtimes, and any other habitual activities your pet is accustomed to. Amidst the chaos of moving, it’s crucial to remember that your cat doesn’t understand what’s happening, making the consistency of routine even more important.

Last but not least, carrier training is an important step in Moving With Pets.  Much like with the moving boxes, aim to make the carrier a fun and inviting place. If your cat has negative associations with carriers from previous vet visits, work on reshaping those perceptions. Place their favorite toys, or even meals, inside the carrier to encourage them to enter willingly. The more positive experiences you create around the carrier ahead of the move, the smoother the transition will be for your feline friend.

Animal Safety When Moving

During the move:

    1. Firstly, feed them a smaller meal than you normally would. Due to stress and anxiety, we don’t want your pet to have a upset stomach or vomit. So it’s better to lean on the side of caution for this.
    2. Secondly, try and keep them contained in a certain area, like an empty room. You want to know they are safe somewhere and minimize the risk of them running out due to all the people coming in and out or doors opening. Wherever you decide to put them, make sure to have their toys and bed nearby, so they smell familiar smells.

Having A Dog And Moving To A New Home

As with our cat friends, dogs too dread the unexpected and can get stress or anxiety when their daily routine gets turned upside down. Dogs too are expects at reading our body language. So they can easily pick up the anxiety us humans may be unintentionally (or intentionally) releasing during moving day.

Points 1-3 outlined above with cats, will also apply to dogs. However, below are some additional points to consider.

  • Make sure to keep them exercised a bit longer than usual. This will ensure that they get it “all out” so there isn’t built up energy during the moving process.
  • Keep “their area” in tact. Whether while moving out of your old home or into your new home make sure to keep a spot that is just for your dogs. This can be as simple as a clutter free section in your home. Place all their belongings nearby so that they have a sense of comfort and normalcy.
  • Feel free to use anxiety aids to help mitigate their anxiety levels. These can range from CBD treats to the Thundershirt. Moving to a new home with your dog can be stressful. Anything to help mellow them out during this time they will appreciate.

Moving Across Country With Pets

Below are additional points to consider when moving with pets. Always remember that moving is just as stressful for your pet friends. Unlike us, they don’t know what is going on (even if you think they are pros). Try to approach them with compassion and try to eliminate as much stress and anxiety as possible.

  • Cats and dogs can either be shipped by air or taken along in the car
  • If flying to your new destination, your cat or dog can ride in the baggage compartment
  • The animal(s) will need a health certificate from your vet
  • Call the airline in advance to find out about special boxes they may have
  • Plan to make a container for your pet? Make sure that the container complies with airline regulations
  • It is a good idea to put a piece of clothing with your scent in the animal’s box so he/she feels more at home
  • If you aren’t flying with your pet but are having it shipped by air, make sure that
  • Someone is on the other end to pick your pet up at the airport and take care of him/her until you arrive
  • The easiest way to care for your pet before your arrival is a kennel
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moving with pets, top realtors in los angeles, real estate near me, realtors around me, where to find houses for sale, realtors near me with rentals, realtors who rent near me, keller williams realtors near me

When moving interstate with pets, remember that some motels and hotels don’t allow pets. Others have special facilities for handling travelers’ pets. Call in advance and check out the available literature on hotels along your route. National chains usually publish such information.

Smaller animals like hamsters, birds, mice, and such can be transported in the family car fairly easily. Make sure that the animals have enough food and water in their cages and are out of drafts or extreme temperatures. Cover cages with a cloth to keep the pets quiet and restful.

Moving Into A New Home With Pets

Hopefully this information provides helpful guidance when moving with your beloved pets. Remember that you may not be able to 100% remove the anxiety and stress of the entire event, but every small move you accomplish will surely help.

Have further questions or concerns? Do you need help selling your home? As an L.A. realtor, I can help find you a home for sale or apartment for rent near you.

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