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1130 S Flower St: An Iconic Blend of History and Luxury in Downtown LA

1130 S Flower St—the pinnacle of luxury living nestled in the heart of vibrant Downtown Los Angeles. This address is steeped in history, with each brick whispering tales of the city’s evolution. Once a humble part of the city’s expansive flower trade, the 1130 S Flower St building has bloomed into an iconic residential hotspot.

Picture the evolution, from busy florists hustling in the early 20th century to the contemporary urbanites who now call it home—quite the transformation, wouldn’t you say? Now, it’s a towering testament to LA’s architectural elegance, seamlessly merging the past with the present.

a brown rough wall that is at the entrance of 1130 s flower st. showing the trees in the courtyard also
1130 s flower st building during the day. show all the floors of the building and the blue sky

So, as we take you through the wonders of 1130 S Flower St, brace yourself to fall in love with the charm of Downtown LA. The journey is just beginning. Stay tuned, there’s a whole bouquet of delights waiting for you!

Flower Street Lofts      Report and Listing

1130 S Flower St

DTLA Market Report

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Flower St Lofts  Build Information

1130 S Flower St

Building Type: Mid Rise

Ownership: Condo

Neighborhood: Downtown ~ Downtown Los Angeles

  • Year Built: 1936
  • Floors: 4
  • Units: 91

Amenities Offered to Residents:

Pre-wired for high speed internet and cable

Exposed concrete, piping and ductwork

Views facing East, West and North

Large windows

14′ to 20′ ceilings

Gourmet kitchen

Building Amenities

Secured and covered parking

Controlled phone entry system

Landscaped interior courtyard

Pet Friendly: Yes

Mills Act: No

HOA: Yes

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