If you have been keeping up with the real estate market, it is no secret that we are in an incredibly unique market. If you are curious about how much MORE your home is worth today, book your room by room appointment today.

If you want to know what your home is REALLY worth TODAY, a room by room review is in order.

This is a FREE service that I offer. They normally take me about an hour and a half to do (can run longer or shorter depending on the SF of the house and how many questions you may have 🙂 ) I will go room by room with you and give you advice and tips on each room. See how your house compares to others that are selling around you.

After I complete this, I will take the information back to the office. I will then compile the information and send you a full PDF file with recommendation and tips on your home. This is a FREE service I offer.

There are lots of examples I have seen in the last few months where sellers could have spent 150,000 updating their home to get a 500,000 return. I have systems in place to make this happen.

This is a must for any home seller out there. I have over 15 years experience helper seller just like you get their homes ready. If you would like to book me for this FREE service, pick a time below to book time slot.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Happy House Selling

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Room By Room Review