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Today there is a lot of information going around about the real estate market.   Some true, some not.     The media loves DRAMA so their head lines are designed to get you to click, then go to their page to “read” the article.   Let’s face it, they really want you to see the advertising that happening on their page more than they want you to read the article.   Am I right?

Here is an example of what I am talking about.   I saw an article a few days ago that had a head line of – The New York Rental Market is skyrocketing-.  I am very familiar with the NYC market also so I wanted to see what this artcle had to say.   It went on to talk about how rental prices are up 25% compared to last year.

Now lets think about this.   If I am not mistaken we were coming out of a time where landlords were doing anything to get people into their units, including dropping rent prices.   Now today in Aug of 2022 the market is coming back together.   So yes , when you look at data from 2021 and compare it to 2022, it is going to be higher.   (I do want to note that there were 22 ads that were on this page or popped up while I was there. )

This is one example of 100’s that I have been seeing the last few months.     The truth is when you look at both LA and NYC rental market in Aug of 2022 and compare that data to Aug 2019 when the world was in one piece, there really is not that much of a difference.

This is why I have this page.   Schedule your FREE time with me below.   Find out the truth about the LA market.   Stop listening to the news, ask someone who is not trying to sell you something.   That is where you will get the correct facts.


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