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Position: Realtor
Mobile: (682) 710-1732
Address: Mailing: C/O Keller Williams 700 Flower St #2900, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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Home Realtors Near Me in Los Angeles

Craig Thomas is a trusted LA realtor for first time home buyers, real estate investors, renters and those looking to sell and move to their next dream home. Craig’s Southern hospitality and down to earth energy make him easy to work with. Pair this with his loyal personality and you can see why clients enjoy working with him when it comes to their real estate needs.

As a professional realtor in Los Angeles, Craig comes from an era where you were greeted when walking into a business. Although he knew that their job was to more than likely sell him on something, it did not come across that way. Therefore, he believes customer service is one of the most important traits and something that the best realtors should provide.

He has over 13 years of experience in selling and buying homes and renting apartments. In addition he is capable of helping investors when they are looking for their next home in the Los Angeles real estate market. This expertise makes Craig one of the top LA real estate agents to work with.

Unlike the new “app agents”, he think outside the box. A favorite strategy is asking concrete questions that will help narrow down your real estate needs.

When choosing to hire a professional realtor, don’t get caught up with which brokerage they are with. All real estate offices in Los Angeles CA offer the same foundation. To clarify, this means that every LA realtor has the same standard resources needed to help you buy, sell or rent. These resources are what will get your home sold in Los Angeles. Or what will find you apartments for rent in Los Angeles.

Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles: Craig Thomas

Clients looking for a professional LA realtor sometimes make these mistakes:

  • Assume that a realtor in Los Angeles is “the best” because they are with a certain office
  • This leads clients to think that these real estate agents have more sales (and most of the times they do not)

There are numerous real estate agents and brokers who show having a number of listings under their belts. Did you know that not all of them are sold by that agent or real estate office? Real estate agents never mention not being able to sell these real estate listings, but when you, a buyer or seller, see that they have X amount of homes under their belt (so to speak) it creates a “wow” moment in your mind. One automatically thinks that the agent is “the one” when in reality, they haven’t been able to properly help their clients sell their homes.

Never hire a real estate agent because of the office they are with. It always comes down to that individual agent to help your sell your home. Not the office.

Are you looking at homes for sale? Townhomes for rent? Condos for sale? Or apartments for rent in Los Angeles? Reach out with any questions. You will receive top-tier customer service.

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