Sellers Get Best Price

Getting The Best Price In The Best Time Frame

To get the best price in the best time frame, you will need to how to market your home and make sure you are listed at the right price.   The better your home  is marketed and priced, the more offers you can receive.   This gives you the freedom to pick the right price and terms for the sale of your home.


There are lots of moving parts in marketing your home.  The For Sale sign in your yard, Internet Exposure, Open houses, Word of mouth etc.   The most import is the price.   If you are not pricing your home according to the market, prospective buyers will over look your home.  A fairly priced home is the key to get the buyers into your home and get them to write an offer.

Once we get the buyers into your home, the condition must be good (or even better than your neighborhood).  Fix the defects like faded/outdated paint, cracks, stains, cocking, etc.   If it is the budget replace old flooring.    Upgrading kitchens and bathroom is always a great idea.   If you are at asking price for your neighborhood, and but the inside is less than what the rest of the neighborhood has, how can you sell your home.   General maintenance that you should have been doing the whole time you lived there really has to be done before you can sell, if you want to get market pricing.

I give my my sellers a complete outlook on their local market.   You will see what the other that have sold had inside that made them sell. You will learn all the ins and outs listing with with me.

I will get the word out that your home is on the market through for sale signs, open houses, flyers, email blast, MLS, my personal website, etc.   It is also a huge help for you to get the work out.    Tell all your friends and family.  They may know someone that is looking for a home like yours.

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