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What Is My Dallas Home Worth?

That is the question every one wants an answer to.   The market here in Dallas is definitely a Sellers market.   Home prices in Dallas are changing every day.   I am seeing listing coming on the market at one price and week later they are listed at a higher price.

This is a good thing for sellers.   So how does an owner find out what there home is truly worth?   Lot of people think that is through web sites like trull or zillow.   The truth is, Texas is a non disclosure state.   That means the real sale price of the home is not available to the public through web sites.   You can only obtain that from a real estate again.   If you look at the fine print on most sites, they will tell you it is an estimate.   Not sure where they get their information from.  It is my experience that the prices you see on these site are normally way off.

I was speaking with a friend about his home one day.   He told me that his home was worth $130,000.  I was familiar with his home and his neighborhood and knew this information was not correct    I ask him where he found that information at.   He told me zillow.   I then pulled out my laptop to show him what homes were selling for.   Turns out his home was really worth $74,000.

There is a lot that goes into figuring out what ones home is worth.    Most agents run what is call a comparable market analysis.  They look at what has sold and give you a price.   Here is the problem with that.  When the market goes up, so does the amount of people getting their real estate license.   Comparable( also know as comps in our world) are not taught very well when you in school.  This is something that you learn as you go.   Hope you can see the problem in this.

I run what is called a Systematic Market Analysis.  This is more in line with how appraiser run their numbers.  You will get a better idea of what you home will sell for in this market with this report VS a normal comp that most agents run.

If you are interested in what you home may sell for in today’s market please fill out the this form for your FREE Report.   Let me know if you have any questions.


Happy House Hunting

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