Dallas Texas High Rise

Dallas Texas High Rise Guide


Dallas Tx Real Estate has a lot to offer when it comes to living in a Low, Mid or High Rise.   You may be tired of mowing the grass.  Perhaps you do not want to keep painting the outside, maybe your kids are gone and you are ready to live with a little more freedom.  Then a Low, Mid or High Rise in Dallas is great for you.

Now there is some conterversy as to what is a Low, Mid and High rise.   After doing a lot of research, this is how I am defining them

1-3 stories = low rise

4-12 stories = mid rise

13-39 stories = high rise

40+ stories = skyscraper

As you are looking at the different types of building here on my site, please keep that chart in mind.

Now you have to decided which one and where.   that can  be tricky since Dallas has so many to choose from.   Below are links to High Rise buildings.   Take a look and see which one fits your style and budget.

NOTE:  I am working to get all of these pages working so please check back.   If you have a question, please reach out.  I am always here to help.

Gilbert Terrace

Residence at Turtle Creek

Sullivan on Gilbert

The Athena

The Shelton

The Sorrento

Westside Condos