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When you work with a great Realtor©, Buying a home is a breeze.   I that this is the number one item to look for when you are ready to buy.  We are going to be around each other quite a bit during the process so it is best to choose someone that not only works hard to find you a home, and also so you get a long with.

With over 13+ years experience, plus I am a Broker now, finding people a home, I feel my methods and secret systems are a great way to help you.  There are several items on this page to help you and answer some questions you may have.

I am here to help you make a educated decision about buying home.  Whether you are ready today, next week or even next year, I can help you get on the path to home ownership and all its benefits.

Feel free to reach out to me with ANY questions you have.   You can call/text me  at 682.710.1732 or fill out the form below.

Happy House Hunting

Start looking for you next home


Here is a little secret that many may not know.   There are lots and lots of places on the net to find your next home.  The question is, Does that site list all the homes that are on the market.

The biggest sites on the web may not have them all.  In 2015, two of the biggest sites lost their feed for homes.    They are now having to go to the local Realtor© boards to those feeds.   Here in the DFW Area our board has left it up to the agent if they want their listing on those sites or not.   I know lots of agents that do not put their homes on those sites.

Additionally they do not up date a lot of these site like they should.   House come and go very quickly right now.   I have received calls about listings from those site that sold over a year ago, yet they still have them as Active.

Being that I am a Relator©, my site is connected directly into the local information.   It is update several times a day, so you are getting the most accurate information.   Feel free to use the search below to help you find your next home.

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